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Master the Subjunctive Mood in English!" 🧐

I hope he is happy? I wish he were happy?

"Advanced English learners, it's time to tackle the Subjunctive Mood! 🎓✨ At B2 level, understanding the nuances of English becomes crucial. Let's dive in with Bristol Lane! 🤓

👉 The subjunctive mood is used for unreal or hypothetical situations. It often appears after words like 'wish', 'if', and 'as though'. 🌌

Example 1: I wish I were (not was) on a beach right now. 🏖️ Example 2: If I were the president, I would change many things. 🌍

Notice the use of 'were' instead of 'was' for hypothetical scenarios. It might seem tricky at first, but with practice, you'll master it! 💪

Swipe left for more examples and common mistakes ➡️

Remember, fine-tuning your grammar can elevate your English to new heights! 🚀

Have questions or want more practice? Comment below or join our interactive classes. Check the link in bio! 📲

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master the subjunctive mood in english

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