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Discover London: Surprising Facts About the UK's Capital

🇬🇧 Did You Know? Curious Facts About London 🇬🇧

Greetings from Bristol Lane Academy in Valladolid! 📚 Today, we're diving deep into some fascinating trivia about the iconic city of London! 🏙️💂

1️⃣ Two City Halls: Many think of London as a single, compact metropolis, but it's actually composed of two counties: the City of London and Greater London, each with its own city hall. The first represents the city's heart, home to over 7,000 people, and located on the banks of the River Thames. The latter encompasses the entire metropolitan area, housing over 8 million inhabitants! 🌆👥

2️⃣ 33 Bridges Over The Thames: From the oldest, Richmond Bridge (1777), to the most modern, Millennium Bridge (2002), 33 bridges cross the Thames, each with its own tale! 🌉🎡

3️⃣ Unique Regulations: Did you know that in tourist spots, activities like barbecuing, propagandist speech, washing clothes, feeding birds, or sleeping on a bed are prohibited unless permission is granted by the mayor? 🚫🗣️

4️⃣ The Oldest Subway System: London's subway, inaugurated on January 10, 1863, is the world's oldest, boasting over 382 stations and more than 402 kilometers of train tracks. Interestingly, more than half of its lines run above ground, and since its opening, three children have been born on its carriages—one in 1924, another in 2008, and the latest in 2009! 🚇👶

5️⃣ The True Big Ben: What we know as Big Ben is actually called Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is the name of the thirteen-ton bell housed within! 🕰️🏰

🔎 How many of these facts did you already know? Dive deeper into the English language and culture with us at Bristol Lane Academy! 📖💬

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